14 May 2010

If You Don't Like Trees Then Get Out of Tasmania

FACT: There was a time in the earth's geological history when there were NO PLANTS AT ALL.
Thats right. The earth was once rocky and bare and supported NO LIFE WHATSOEVER. Plants colonised the earth from the oceans, rising-up from the inter-tidal zones as primitive mosses and lichens over a mind-numbing expanse of time. Can you imagine 450 million years? That's 448 million years before the first primitive humans. Religion does not even approach time scales like this. Sometimes I come across people in Tasmania who seem to resent trees. That's like going to live in the Amazon and complaining about jungle. If you don't like it then go back to where you came. Tasmania is a realm of trees. Big trees that are the tallest flowering hardwoods on earth. These trees symbolise much to those who have an understanding of our world. They are an apex of evolution and part of the creative process of the universe. FACT: Rocks are created by sedimentation and volcanism. Consider the clearing of ancient forests, often on steep slopes that has happened in Tasmania. Massive amounts of silt is created and this becomes sedimentary rock. Rock that is man made. This rock exerts pressure on the earths crustal plates in new areas. Eventually we have a geologically unstable planet again, with earthquakes and new fault lines. Humans are actually undoing the creative and stabilising work of nature over millenia. Next time you are in a church, think about the evil that our culture studiously ignores. Think about how they have stood by while the earth was raped, pillaged and raped again. Think about the oath that all doctors serve under. 'Do no harm'.
They apply this to a sick human being but not to a human's life support system. Hello? Our 'civilisation' has been attacking the very processes that created humans in the first place. We are not just dealing with greed and ignorance here. We are dealing with a systematic and insidious illness of thought that affects our entire culture. They have succeeded in building a belief system based on self harm.
We now see change bought about by humans motivated by real knowledge. The infinite power of time and the creative natural forces will always triumph over the stupid and shallow thinkers.

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