19 February 2011

Tasmanian Liberals. The Sound Of One Synapse Firing

The intellectual vacuum of Tasmanian politics was on display this week when the Libs back-flipped on their agreement to increase the size of parliament. They shrunk parliament down to 25 seats to lock-out The Greens, but that strategy has turned them into political wallflowers. Now they say its too expensive to increase parliament to 35 seats because all the money has been spent propping-up forestry.
They may come back to 35 seats if the economy improves. Du-Uh? The Tasmanian Liberals want to expand or contract the size of parliament depending on the economy? This has got to be one of the most retarded ideas every excreted anywhere within the Westminster System. The 'party room' actually agreed on this crap? Yes they did. So there you have Liberal Thinking at it's dribbling, thumb-sucking best. The variable sized parliament plan.

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