23 February 2014

How Samsung And Xerox Try To Force You To Buy Their Toner

I bought a Xerox Phaser 3160N a few
years ago. It is just a monochrome printer that can be used on a network. It was cheap and does a pretty good job. Until the toner gets low. When that happens a red LED comes on and it stops printing.
It can still print a diagnostic report which is a clue that it is really OK. Holding down the 'cancel' button for 7 seconds will print out this report.
Xerox toner for this printer is currently $74 and non-genuine is $25 on eBay.
I bought two toner cartridges on eBay  and after installing one the red LED is still on and it still refuses to print. Your best solution is to flash the firmware which 'unlocks' the printer for ever. First you need the firmware file (only for Phaser3160N). There is an online industry in making these files available. When you have downloaded it you need to unclip the chip from the toner cartridge. This is easy to do, it is held down by a small plastic cover. Just unsnap it. Then insert the toner cartridge without the chip. Next connect the printer to a Windows computer using USB. Unplug the power cord.
Next hold down both buttons (off/on and cancel) and insert the power cord into the back. This puts the printer into 'maintenance mode' and you can flash the firmware. This is done by clicking the batch file and waiting about 90 seconds until the printer has been flashed. When finished you can put the chip back into the cartridge and print a test page. Now you can print until the cartridges are empty although the low ink LED will still flash. You can also use any compatible toner cartridges or refill the one you have. You can do this for ever. These instructions come with no implied responsibility. Follow them at your risk.

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