01 January 2018

My Most Productive Year In Art - 2017

I called this 'The Virtual Lava Lamp' and it's on the 'Next Animation Gallery' page. All the animations on the gallery pages were made in 2017. Looking back over 2017 I feel I overcame some technical and creative issues.
I got into 3D fractals quite seriously and had a 6 month learning curve before doing anything I was happy with. This is what I have been doing with 3D fractals.
For me at least, art means experiencing frustration as part of the 'production process' and then getting used to it. No pain, no gain, and hopefully after some frustration and a few failed attempts there is something to show for it.
For example, the shadow from the 'lava lamp' above was made from the actual animation because I was unable to make the animation throw an animated shadow. So I pasted the animation a bit to the right of the 'base' and then faded and blurred it to a shadow. Then I pasted the animation above the 'base'. The animation and it's shadow were then merged into one animation which was then merged with another animation of a railway station in Bangladesh playing in a picture frame TV.
What does it mean? I will leave that for you to answer. In 2017 I got active in a couple of graphic design forums and took on a maintainer role of a Gimp plugin called MathMap. I love using MathMap and the 'lava lamp' above was made with that plugin.

I moved away from animated GIFs and to HTML5 and there is some way to go before I'm happy with how they are published and presented. The issue with them is they 'loop' and YouTube don't host videos that loop. At least with 3D fractal renders such as Stephen Sink's work they play like a normal vid even though they took days or even weeks to render. 

Imagine how much electricity is used rendering one of these videos? Here in Australia our political UberLords lost control of the electricity system like they lost control of everything else. They think the market will 'self regulate' and the wealth will trickle down to the voters. That means the politicians have to keep the voters as stupid as possible. That's just more inspiration for the artists whose job is to retore reality to the deluded masses.

If you want some inspiration put on your headphones, go full screen and watch 'Lava Fields of Dreams' by Stephen Sink. 

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