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07 June 2020

I Learned How To Animate Many MathMap Filters

During the COVID downtime I discovered how to animate many of the Gimp MathMap filters.
Above is a GIF of the newly animated Quincuncial filter above the new animated Scale Equirectangular filter.

MathMap easily mixes more than one filter and produces an infinite transition between beginning and end. This is why I like using Gimp MathMap.

Mathmap can chain effects together. This is similar to how I made the above animation:

01 June 2020

An Aussie Astral Road Trip

About growing up in Australia in the 60's and 70's. Traveling, surfing, working and exploring new dimensions. We knew this was 'the lucky country' but didn't know the Earth's population would double between 1950 and 1987.
World population also doubled between 1960 and 2001.

Now 'plague humans' have changed the ozone layer, the climate, over-fished the oceans, caused a mass extinction and degraded everything.

Life on planet Earth is now mostly stressful and hostile. Do we have the tools to deal with it? The 'elders' of our society are old hippies and acid heads. Our Aboriginal people were here for 60,000 years and even endured an ice age. They must have known something we don't? If we don't respect the past we will be destroyed by the future.

26 March 2020

Mad World Covid Lockdown

If you are in lockdown right now, we hope this video helps fill a few minutes. We will come out of this craziness soon.
Made with Gimp MathMap, Mandelbulber, Audacity and Davinci Resolve free version.

27 February 2020

Season Of The Witch

Using Mandelbulber, Gimp, Audacity and Davinci, I attempt to unify some of my diverging interests.
I like exploring abandoned places and I also like where Mandelbulber and it's developers is taking 3D fractals. Some old music is thrown-in with a live version of this song originally written by Donovan in 1966.

27 November 2019

Jimi Hendrix Would Be 77 Years Old Today

Jimi Hendix would be 77 years old today if still alive. Incredibly, his mainstream career only lasted for 4 years.

The graphics.
I used Mandelbulber 2.20 for most of it as well as Gimp and Audacity. This is my first time using Davinci Resolve 16 under Linux as a video editor. I'm using the free version.Pretty impressed with it actually.

31 August 2019

A Zero Carbon Emissions 3D Fractal Render

3D fractals can take many days or even weeks to render and that causes carbon emissions, if your electricity supply is from coal-fired power stations.

I'm claiming this fractal render produced zero atmospheric carbon emissions because Tasmania is an island supplied by hydro electricity. At the moment the undersea cable connecting Tasmania to the mainland is broken. There is one LNG-fired power station here that supplies 2 metallurgical smelters but it's not required by the residential population . This fractal render is not changing the Earths climate.

Attributions are on YouTube.

13 July 2019

When The Levee Breaks - 3D Fractal Animation

I used a heavier rock track from the Brandon Miller Band for these layered boolean fractals. There are 2 animated fractals,  one from Graeme in NZ.  I used Natron, Audacity and Kdenlive for video. At the moment Kdenlive 2.18.x works better than 2.19.x for me. Only free and open source software is used.

A great version of 'When The Levee Breaks'. I remixed it with Audacity because it was recorded live outdoors. Brandon Miller really knows his Rock. Thanks for making this one Creative Commons and I hope you guys have many great years ahead of you.

Full attributions on the video.