29 January 2014

The Chief Scientist That Signed-Off On Gunns Pulp Mill Has Genetically Modified Eucalyptus Trees

Jim Peacock
The Chief Scientist who had the final say on Gunns pulp mill, including the dumping of 64,000 tonnes of dioxin contaminants every day into a fishery was Dr Jim Peacock.
Peacock was chief scientist at the time Malcolm Turnbull was Federal Environment Minister.
Few Tasmanians, against whom Peacock had unleashed years of conflict and bittereness realise that one of the supposed high points of his career was his key role in producing genetically modified eucalyptus trees. Peacock and his team chose the river red gum and made the tree herbicide-resistant to glufosinate and resistant to defoliating beetles. It achieved these insecticidal properties by expressing the Cry3A insecticide derived from a bacterium called bacillus thuringiensis or Bt. Peacock had created a veritable 'Franken tree' where the whole tree acted as a poison against most, if not all insects. Was his tree trialled in Australia? Was it grown commercially in Australia? Was it's exploitation covered-up at any stage? To many Tasmanians Peacock was part of a big conspiracy. The university superannuation fund Unisuper had funds invested in Gunns Ltd. So did other Commonwealth and State pension funds. The Howard government and the state government totally backed the project although it had never been before a planning scheme. The government wanted to use the MIS plantation 'ponzi schemes' to supply the pulp mill. These plantations were paid for with money that should have been used for hospitals and schools. It looked like a real gravy train where every 'two bit hustler' would make money. Instead it spent the next decade dragging down reputations and destroying careers.

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williambtm said...

Let's not forget the part played by Senator Eric Abetz during his former time as the Federal minister responsible for our Tasmanian forests, the people here having to listen to his constant ranting's about how sustainable is the forest industry in Tasmania.
(It is still not in anyway sustainable, with our native forests being clear-felled faster than they can regenerate as they once had displayed themselves so magnificently.
The along comes Forestry Tasmania to plant its quite possibly mutant Eucalyptus species as deemed by them as the finest form of replacement which of course could only suit the desires of this profitless taxpayer subsidized excuse for a State Government Business Enterprise. Abetz also acted ex-officio as an MIS advertising agent which went on to cost the hard earned monies of many of Tasmania's farmers who foolishly heeded the words spoken by this extreme right wing Senator.
A great many Tasmanian farmers went on to plough their hard earned monies into Eric's, 'you beaut, get in on this while you can,' magic milions money destroying juggernaut.
Then of course this same scoundrel Senator led the charge to have the World Heritage Listed Gondwanian era forests opened up for logging, no doubt most of this product would end up being directed to the wood-chipping mills still alive and consuming much of Tasmania's still diminishing Old Growth Forests.

The Lib/Lab government ministers in Tasmania are a disgrace to politics and are easily the most shameful lot of goons in the eyes of Tasmania's people.
The mindlessness of our Lib/Lab politico's knows no limits nor is it in anyway helpful to this State in being encumbered by such dronal politicians.
I cannot apologise for the softened tenor of my comments in this matter for it deserves the strongest choice of language that could better address or be attributed to this State's Lib/Lab masters of stupidity and ignorance.