08 January 2015

All Life On Earth Shares A Common Ancestor - Science Validates Gaia

The image above is from a 2003 paper called 'A reconstruction of Archean biological diversity based on molecular fossils from the 2.78 to 2.45 billion-year-old Mount Bruce Supergroup, Hamersley Basin, Western Australia.'  The paper investigates 'microfossils' of the oldest living creatures on Earth, found here in Australia. It places them in to the 'Tree of Life'. What an epiphany for me? Previously, I had surmised that all life must share a common biological ancestor, after realising people are related to trees. Think about that last phrase? I live in Tasmania where the government is obsessed with clearing ancient eucalypt forests for a quick buck. Look at the top of the chart and see how close to trees those phuktards really are? They only branched from trees in geological terms 5 minutes ago. Now they think they are the small-brained masters of the universe. The numbers along the trunk of the tree of life are in 'Ga' or 'gigaanums' (1billion years). The whole shebang is about 4 billion years old. All life on Earth shares the same 5 base pairs of rNA or DNA. (cytosine, guanine, adeninethymine and uracil).
Just like you started life as a single sperm cell and a single egg cell, so all life on Earth can be tracked back to a single cell called the 'Last Universal Ancestor'. You drive around and fly around using the bodies of your bacterial ancestors as fuel. What you have just read trumps all religion and all politics on this planet and it's only the broadest possible outline of the biological reality and diversity. Drill down into the fathomless information and you begin to realise the world's universities have crippled themselves with specialisation. Detail is meaningless unless you know intimately where it fits with the whole. Gaia could even be used as a weapon both for and against yourself. Addictions are an example of this.
If you are a part of Gaia then Gaia must be part of you right? So why tolerate parasites that have evolved over billenium (new word) just to exploit hosts like yourself?  Have fun with Gaia?

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