10 September 2015

Neural Art For Everybody

I discovered the DreamDeeply site in the Gimp Chat art forum.
DreamDeeply uses neural networking and artificial intelligence from Google Research to turn uploaded photos into 'art'.
Apparently it is a weird by-product of artificial object recognition. A lot of research is going into technology such as self driving cars that need to be able to see objects and interpret them. Researchers realised that software than can 'see' can also produce images that look like 'art'.
Dream Deeply is a web interface that makes it easy to upload a JPG image, select a filter from the drop-down menu and produce 'art'.
Here is an example with logos added afterwards using Gimp. Remember this image was produced by AI software?

Click read more for a 'Before and After'.

DreamDeeply has some some interesting filters and you can re-upload an already processed image.
The neural network seems to really like dogs and animals. Maybe there are a lot of Google image searches for pets that end-up in a neural network?
I can see instant art being further developed quite quickly. As usual Google have open-sourced the program so it can be further improved.
original image
The next one was processed by dreamdeeply and then with a Gimp GMIC filter applied afterwards.

Hopefully this will lead more people to the dreamdeeply art processor.

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