26 December 2015

Why Humans Build Parasitic Economic Systems

Have you ever asked yourself why humans are constantly exploiting, compromising, gaming, hijacking and eventually destroying every economic system they develop?
It's an interesting question and I believe it has a simple answer - our biology. It's obvious humans and animals evolved from parasitic and symbiotic biological processes, and that any human-developed system that transcends the embedded desires of it's creators happens more by accident than design.

What surprised me about the underlying reality of exploitative human systems is the fact that only 20% of who you are is actually 'you'. The other 80% of 'you' is your current tribe of symbiotic settlers. According to Wikipedia that number is higher. 'There are approximately ten times as many bacterial cells in your body than there are human cells in your body'.
Note. Bacterial cells are smaller than human cells so their total weight is less than the total weight of human cells. Nevertheless, bacteria all have DNA that is different to your DNA.
So who really votes at an election? Is it the minority of 'your' cells or is it the majority of 'their' cells that populate your body? And who is in charge today? Who is ordering what they want on the menu?
It gets weirder than that.
You carry around 100,000 fragments of viral DNA making-up about 8% of your total DNA.  The viral payload that gets up in the morning when you do is so important to human survival that humans could not be born without it. Before humans branched from our nearest primate ancestor, viral DNA was borrowed or stolen to make 'syncytin' which is required by growing embryos. Now it is essential for human life.
There is also bacterial DNA in about a third of human genomes.
Bacteria were one of the first life forms on Earth and they often develop symbiotic or parasitic relationships with plants and animals. Viruses are totally dependent on other life forms because they can only reproduce inside the cells of something else.
With all these primordial micro-organisms masquerading as human, is it any wonder humans build political and legal systems that are designed to be compromised and exploited? Take the carefully constructed loopholes and backdoors in a faulty system like 'the global economy'. Although the de-facto economic regime of Australia, it's not 'global' and it's not really an 'economy' but a selective system of military-backed feudalism. Ditto all of man's organised 'religions' and his layers of government and 'public servants' who exploit the people they pretend to help.
Is it any wonder that 'money' or the local 'medium of exchange' (a definition that changes constantly) is as worthless as the 98% of the human genome that doesn't appear to do anything? Junk DNA, junk bonds, junk derivatives and the hopelessly compromised 'regulators' that get paid to miss everything that crosses their desks.
Welcome to the reality of hybrid-composite life forms biologically programmed to exploit every system they create. Most of them must know that human systems are failed systems. It seems our viral-bacterial symbionts were never able to explain why a parasite is equal to a host and why they are as enduring as life itself.
 © The concept that humans develop parasitic-symbiotic social systems because they evolved from parasitic-symbiotic micro-organisms is copyright by Karl Stevens December 2015.

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Familia Aguilar said...

Interesting article ! I agree on the importance of our probioma and I suspect that our thinking and decisions could be influenced in several ways by our gut's bacteria.

However, I understand that we have many different types of them, and the "good ones" really help us to keep our health. Some of them produce vitamins and other substances that help our brains and bodies to function properly. In this sense, they collaborate with our body and not necessarily make us "exploiters". Perhaps there is a desirable "good balance" on the population of different bacteria that make us "better". The problem would be that we break this balance with wrong diets, antibiotics and other drugs.