05 August 2016

Malcolm Turnbull - Virtualising The Economy

Whats this about? Turnbull did a lot of media promoting robotics and virtual reality leading-up to the 'EOFY' double dissolution election. He went to Japan and looked at their robots to find out what a nation that has been stagnant for 2 decades does with it's spare time.

We saw Turnbull on our screens wearing virtual reality headsets but if we used one of those images you would not recognise him. So we opted for one of him taking a selfie with a little Japanese janitor robot who could never put anybody out of work because anybody doing his sort of work doesn't count in the Turnbull economic universe.
Fortunately, this coincides with our exploration of virtual textures on real abandoned machines in a collapsed industrial economy.

We seem to have our work flow sorted using Gimp. Its not rocket science but involves doing the backgrounds first. You probably feel insulted by me telling you that, but some minds have difficulty with the technical aspects of these things. I know I did.

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