17 December 2016

Tasmania World Leaders In Fake News

Fascinated by the 'fake news' concept I realised Tasmania has been doing it for years.

This week economist Saul Eslake released a report defining just how badly Tasmania is performing compared to the rest of Australia. Worst unemployment, lowest wages, most unproductive, oldest, sickest etc, etc.

37% of the state's GDP is being used to support retired public servants, the highest rate in Australia. Consider currently employed public servants and those forced to live on welfare and you have a bankrupt state. Strangely, that is never discussed in Tasmania. The Liberal Party prefer to concentrate on 'dole bludgers'.

But how many dole bludgers are there really? Only a fraction of old age pensioners.

This graph exposes a Liberal Party fraud. They can't attack old age pensioners because they would lose government. They can't attack disabled pensioners because they would expose themselves as psychopaths.  That just leaves the unemployed to bear the full brunt of a dysfunctional government.

Meanwhile, Treasurer Gutwein isn't worried by the Eslake/TCCI report. He immediately put out his own report either ignoring or refuting the Eslake data. He will continue to do that because the state government gets away with blatant misinformation. The fact is politicians and retired public servants are sending Tasmania broke.

A quick analysis of Tasmania's history will show that going broke was hard-wired into the local psyche. 75,000 convicts were deported to Tasmania along with the 'Westminster System' that enshrines a class system and many levels of privilege. Every bizarre nuance of neo-feudal Britain was dumped here. From Morris Dancing to cult worshipping the House of Windsor. Poor Tasmanians are blind to how brainwashed they actually are and the most brainwashed of them all are conservatives.

Pre-Federation and the only people who could vote in Tasmania were white males who owned land. Many of them would have been Masons who voted as a bloc. While negotiating the Federal Constitution, they insisted Tasmania had the same number of Senators as NSW. A century later and we have 12 senators for a population less than Gold Coast City Council. Imagine if Gold Coast City Council was represented by 12 senators in Canberra, as well as a state government and of course a local council? The founding fathers were acting in self-interest and not in the national interest. That's why Tasmania is a basket case today.

It no longer seems possible for Tasmania to trade itself out of the hole it is in. I think Hodgman and Gutwein realise that which is why they consistently place foreigners before Tasmanians. The Tasmanian government is committed to a cargo cult philosophy and a groundhog day reality, forever commemorating things like the Boer War. And any other imperialist war except the one they actually fought right here in Tasmania. Again never discussed.

You would think the state retirement debt crisis would diminish eventually as old public servants die but that does not appear to be the case. Is the debt problem getting worse and what is Gutwein doing about it? A topic for further investigation.

As the years pass the insanity of the Hodgman and Gutweins becomes more obvious. We have already seen the Libs promoting Maoist interests in Tasmania ahead of Tasmanians. They didn't want Jan Cameron to buy Woolnorth and they dragged the entire dairy industry down with them. (Liberal values: an animal rights campaigner is worse than an expansionist totalitarian dictatorship) Maybe it's because Tasmania is essentially a communist state itself that the Liberal government spend so much time bowing at the feet of communist dictators? Meanwhile the rest of us are forced to fund the lavish retirements of the very politicians who have crippled Tasmania. So who are the real 'dole bludgers' in Tasmania?

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