14 January 2019

The Randomized Nirvana Thought Experiment Video

Thanks to the Mandelbulber developer community and Stephen Sink for his tutorial on keyframing 3D fractals. Buddhi and the team have developed an awesome application.

In this video animated backgrounds were made with Gimp MathMap Composer. The fractal render took 12 hours on one computer. I then imported 4,000 PNGs with alpha backgrounds into Gimp. I hit a memory wall and had to split the render into 5 chunks.

I used a random number generator to select 3 fractals from about 98 possible fractals to make a hybrid fractal in Mandelbulber. At the moment there are a possible 152,000 fractal combinations of 3 from 98 so I used the unix 'rand' utility to choose them. Amazingly this experiment worked for me so maybe it's an option for those of us who are a bit overwhelmed by the 3D fractal universe.

Attributions. Nibana - Icarus Dream (Tribute to Yngwie Malmsteen) [Ask The Universe] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR5zl...

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