26 August 2016

Australia's Arts Minister Mitch Fifield Becomes Art

I wanted to depict Australia's arts minister in an Australian light so the desert was a natural choice. What looks like water is actually a mirror image intersecting the original image. Our brains must be trained to interpret this mirror as water. I used the 'beautify' filter to make some more textured clothes. I found a Gmic filter that gives desert photos an Albert Namatjira look.

I don't think anybody can paint desert ranges and ghost gums like the Aboriginal water color masters. They understand the erosion of rock on an almost personal level.

Compare their relationship to the Earth to a Mitch Fifield?
Now also Communications Minister, Fifield saved Turnbull from public ridicule for Turnbull's bungling of the NBN rollout. Fifield admits he knows next to nothing about art, but don't worry, in the new, debt-ridden Australia we are used to being led by people who nothing about anything. That's how we got here remember?

Below is a work on paper by Namatjira. What do you think?

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