17 September 2016

Depicting The Liberal Party As A Symbolic Design

Here I attempt to depict an organisation as a design. Hopefully, an anti-logo.

Yes, the Liberal Party of Australia go back further than this 1950's and 40's boneyard, but what do they really represent? Probably ideas as meaningless as those rusting car bodies. They appear to specialise in self-delusion on every level. Check out their 'Our Beliefs' page?
It starts with 'We Believe: In the inalienable rights and freedoms of all peoples;'
Thats a complete lie. Look at how they tried to rip-off Timor Leste's oil and gas? The freedom to be locked-up in a concentration camp in a disused guano quarry or just slaughtered if you happen to be a Tasmanian Aborigine. But no, they didn't do that because they hadn't coalesced yet from the brainless thugs that opposed ending convict transportation and wanted a white Australia. The Tasmanian Aborigines were murdered by the precursors of the Liberal Party and none of them ever faced justice.

They go on 'we work towards a lean government that minimises interference in our daily lives'. Here the Liberal Party admits they do not have lean government. They have fat, bloated government that interferes in your daily lives. But they want to minimise this interference down to what? 20 or 30 a day or maybe 10? Who knows what these imbeciles are on about?

They claim to believe in 'equal opportunity for all Australians' but this is a party of mostly traditional monarchists. It's no level playing field with an intergenerational pecking order of hereditary elites. Junk that belief as well.
So they mostly believe in self-serving opportunism dressed-up as robotic sloganeering. And a future that is invented and controlled by somebody else.
But don't think I've got it in for this bunch of vacuous wannabes. I've done another symbolic graphic on the Australian Labor Party. Will upload next week.

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