24 September 2016

Depicting The Labor Party As A Symbolic Design

As promised a week ago I've uploaded a graphic that symbolically depicts the Australian Labor Party.

It's true I'm reflecting on a nation in decline, and the ALP played a big role in that decline. Locked in a meaningless arm-wrestle with the Libs when most of the time they have similar policies. Both of them kept the inflation spiral going for decades with ever-increasing fees and charges, wages and then higher charges and wages again. 
Finally they killed most of the industries that were employing them.
Both parties were totally over exposed to the Chinese economy in particular, while slavishly imitating the US and being culturally controlled by Britain at the same time.
Who knows what the ALP believes in today? Some vague notion of a globalised, universal middle class that avoids offshore concentration camps because they fill-in their forms correctly.
For me the ugly side of Labor is that they are so bloody corrupt. During the Rudd-Gillard years we saw an endless merry-go-round of mates and mates of mates all showing up at the publicly funded trough. The Tasmanian Forests Agreement was a good example of that entrenched cronyism. Mindlessly replacing them with the Liberals is not the answer either.
Liberal and Labor are the great destroyers of prosperity in Australia.

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