30 October 2016

All Aboard The Prosperity Express

The US has been the dominant economy for as long as we can remember. The USSR eventually collapsed because it didn't have incentives for 'aspirational' people in the communist system.
After giving the world the internet and flashes of genius such as a floating, market-determined value for oil and the dollar, the US failed to plan for the biggest problem of all - debt. Now they are like the old diesel loco above. Going nowhere. And Australia is the same.
In nature, an impasse such as the one modern economies are in is eventually overcome. For individuals and corporations debt is resolved by bankruptcy but what about entire nations?
We see Greece's answer was more debt and more stagnation. Our own government is increasingly marginalising and shedding ever more of it's responsibilities to the people.
As a result, governments are seen as unnecessary hindrances by the population. No wonder our governments now pander to corrupt dictatorships masquerading as 'people's republics' such as China. Communist China would wipe-out rhinoceros for ever just to get more rhino horn and they will do the same to Australia's resources, our ecology and finally our population. Australia was a nation that had integrity and values, China is a nation that replaced it's Confucian moral values with Maoist mass-psychopathy. Any student of Chinese philosophy knows this is a fact.

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