18 September 2017

Overpopulation - How China And India Are Destroying The Rest Of Us

Here is another way of seeing what the world really looks like - population cartograms. Check it out?

Here countries are mapped by population, not area. Australia and Canada are small while India and China are massive. How massive?

Left. A look at the unsustainable populations of 2 countries. They have already begun destroying quality of life for the rest of us. I use the world 'destroying' because that's what is happening - by climate change, economic exploitation and resource extraction. Already China and India are sucking-in resources from most of the world to sustain themselves.
Being mammals, humans are biologically programmed to procreate if the conditions are right. If they develop a social system that removes most of their basic freedom in return for sustaining billions of people then they are on their way.

Our Insignificant Politicians.
Australia is already so economically and psychologically dependent on the Asian giants that Australian politicians consistently defend them against Australians. The fact is, the great 'mining boom' could not stop Australia from going deeper into debt. No amount of Asian 'investment' will save our neo-colonial, parasitic economic system. With nothing to do but legislate, Aussie politicians have developed a contradictory nanny state run by lawyers and accountants. Australia is now so far in debt that the Asian superpowers can just walk-in and the Canberra politicians will throw themselves at their feet.

Where are the environmentalists? 
As our homelands are turned into wood chip lots and salmon farms, 'enviros' and greens mount vague counter offensives without ever acknowledging the actual problem. 

Enviros groups are almost useless because the Asian giants have the power and the money. They will come back next year or next decade and remove the opposition when they want to. They use corrupt Australian officials to achieve this. Population is the biggest environmental issue on this planet bar none.

Right. India and China are way out in front. The next biggest, the US is not even a quarter the size of China. India is forecast to overtake China by 2024. Imagine if India and China were to merge?

The future. So far the Asian giants have showed almost no ecological responsibility in the relentless drive to feed every mouth. China has pushed rhinos and elephants to extinction for horn and ivory. Asian cities are heavily polluted. Reproduction appears more important than health or quality of life. Because the Earth's oceans are being fished-out, the 'Asian market' will build fish farms around Tasmania. Then they will kill the seals because seals are just competition for food.

Our politicians talk about Australia choosing between China and the US but the real choice is between China and India. Do we want an Indian Australia or a Chinese Australia? If reproduction is more important to India and China than health, then money is more important than everything else to Australian politicians. Australia is a failed economic system. Rather than admitting it, our politicians chase the only market available - unsustainable population explosions. We need to get used to it. The population reality is going to be around for longer than all of us.

New Delhi Creates Hell On Earth

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