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15 October 2017

The Stevens Axiom Of Genetic Modification

The 'Stevens Axiom' does not apply to any non-genetic modification of species. The axiom applies to scientists and researchers implementing novel mutations on the genetic material of other species.
Because genetic engineers are produced by the same evolutionary system as the species they are modifying, it's invalid for those scientists to claim they are 'improving' other organisms without also accepting that they were not perfected by evolution themselves. Therefore, genetic engineers must also be genetically perfected before they can implement modifications to the genetic code of other species.

Phylogenetic tree of life usually has a common ancestor

Scientists must admit that evolution applies to all living organisms, including themselves. If they claim evolution failed to 'perfect' or 'improve' a species, then it follows evolution also failed to perfect the scientists and genetic engineers as well.
Therefore, genetic scientists cannot know with certainty if decisions they make on the genetic modification of other species are rational, sane and productive, unless those scientists had been genetically 'perfected' by a more advanced species. The axiom simply applies the same logic to genetic engineers as they apply to everything else. In science it's normal to apply a theory to all elements in a system. Obviously, whats happening in genetic modification is not science.

This axiom is 'self verifying' and predicts that all genetic modification implemented is biologically incompetent. To further understand the axiom consider 'the Golden Rice Project'? Here genetically imperfect 'scientists' decided that rice didn't have any vitamin A. So they modified rice to have vitamin A. That sounds good in theory, but why didn't they encourage farmers to grow vegetables high in β-Carotene?

Advocates accused gm opponents of 'killing children' claiming 8 million children died worldwide from vitamin A deficiency in 12 years.
Note, the children died from a lack of vitamin A, not a lack of golden rice. Therefore, Golden rice advocates should take responsibility for the out of control population explosions in Asia because they are making these populations bigger. They are potentially killing millions of people world wide by propping-up population explosions that are polluting and destroying the biosphere that is shared by all of us. Eventually they will be killing millions of people annually.
The biggest consumers of rice, India and China already have totally unsustainable populations. Populations that are pushing the rest of the planet to ecological breakdown. Why would a sane person let alone a 'scientist' decide we need to increase the population of China and India? Maybe only farmers in Africa will be given golden rice seeds? So why the mass exodus to Southern Europe if everything is 'golden' in Africa. Why should those who form barbaric religious cults and military dictatorships be helped to achieve optimal vitamin A levels? It does not make sense because those who developed golden rice don't make any sense. After all, they have not been genetically perfected, so will consistently and predictably make irrational decisions and generate second-rate products.

I expect the 'Stevens Axiom' will have very little impact on the delusional world view that has created the current cancer, autism, obesity and allergy epidemics. 
Most scientists are not listening to anything rational. Denial eclipses rationality, but hopefully the Stevens Axiom has defined the contradictory illusion peddled by genetic engineers.

The Stevens Axiom is copyright 2017 by Karl Stevens. It can be re-used under the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

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